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Börjes Logistik & Spedition AB

Box 176

SE-38222 Nybro

Visitor address: Tegelvägen 4, 382 92 Nybro



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Org. nr.: 556142-0430

VAT No: SE556142043001

Warehouse/Distribution, third-party logistics

The webshop/seller initially wins the customer – but it’s the logistics which makes the customer return to the seller/webshop. We are a logistics department who focuses om warehousing, picking & packing and distribution of your products. This is third-party logistics (3PL/TPL). When you outsource your logistics to us we will offer you dedicated trade logistics specialists with experience since the 90s.

We are a 3PL and logistics partner for e-commerce, consumer and wholesale. Here is a selection of reference products which we currently handle in our logistics facility. Please feel free to contact us for more reference assignments within business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).

Produktexempel Börjes Logistik och Spedition


Outsourced scalable third-party logistics (3PL)

You will have access to a scalable logistics solution which will help you to grow within you current- and future markets. With scalable we mean that you will be given access to a large warehouse space, construction clear ground, established international freight solutions and modern IT system support. We have a large pool of our own co-workers which means we can deal with variations and growth within your market.

With Börjes Logistik & Spedition as your logistics partner you will have access to our freight contracts. We cooperate with several well known shipping and transport companies accross the world. 


Cost effective and variable costs

One of the major advantages of 3PL are the variable costs. This means that with us as your partner you will only pay for the warehousing you need and the work we perform. No minimum costs or fixed prices. It is a big advantage for you if you are a company with a goal to grow and expand, but don’t want to be hindered by high fixed prices, capital tied up in your own warehouses or long term contracts.

You will also be sharing the costs for your logistical needs because our warehouse, equipment, co-workers and systems are used for several different customers and assignments.  


Greater purchase experience and increased customer loyalty

For many of our customers the logistics is a key factor for success. Several markets today has intensified competition and the importance to deliver the right service and constantly exceed customer expectations is increasing. You are experts at marketing and selling your products. We are experts at storing and delivering your products. We will help you to exceed customer expectations by offering the right shipping, smooth return solutions, multilingual customer service and profiling of containers.  


IT, integrations and WMS

We provide IT-system (WMS) which will register your inventory, purchase orders, orderprocess and returnlogistics in real time. You will have access to information via our WMS (Warehouse Management System) 24 hours a day or by an integration with your business system or e-commerce platform. Integrations can be created either using our own system developer or if you prefer to use your own. With our WMS you will also have access to a public API (Application Programming Interface) where you can have your systems request information (ie customer orders, purchase orders, inventory). We have experience of the following business and e-commerce systems.  

Börjes Logistik och Spedition Integrationer och Kopplingar


Why choose Börjes Logistik & Spedition as your logistics partner?

Our spacious, modern terminal in Nybro is the backbone in our range of advanced services for third-party logistics, a part of our operation that is growing substantially. Besides being the hub of large quantities of import and export goods that arrive here for transhipment, our terminal acts as a warehouse for several of our customers. Börjes Logistik & Spedition deals with all warehousing on behalf of these customers and takes care of onward redistribution to the recipients of the goods. This reduces the lead times in our customers’ goods handling, at the same time as increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

With a stable economy we are in a position where we can continue to expand. This means we can both invest in current and new customers. Since the start of 1947 our vision has always been to give the customer a friendly and professional manner. We are a family owned business with personal service and solutions for both small and large international assignments. We had the great honor to recieve a major award in 2013 at Swedens largest logistics fair. The price was recieved in the the category ” Entrepreneur of the year” for among other things our investments within third-party logistics and trade logistics.

  • Experienced logistics partner
  • Stable constantly evolving economy
  • Innovative and award-winning
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Personal service
  • Operates and develops the entire logistics flow


Let us help you with your entire logistics flow and free up time for your core business

We are ready to help you with either your entire logistics flow or parts of your products and information flow. On the behalf of several of our customers we manage their warehouse logistics. This comprises of devlivery to our warehouse with checking and warehousing. During the warehousing process we also carry out stocktaking and different types of rework and contract work. A customer order will either arrive via integration or e-mail. When the order is recieved we start to pick and pack according to your requirements. For us it’s important that the customers experience of the delivery of their order is just as positive as if you would have made the delivery yourselves. More often than not our customers will use our expertice to come up with the best possible freight solution using our transport agreements.

We have dedicated co-workers for our customers who are ready to answer any questions you may have. We are happy to help you and your customers with customer cases. Our experienced returns department can recieve and manage your returns and complaints, which is particularly important within e-commerce logistics. 

Please contact Markus Kinnander if you have any questions.


Börjes Logistik & Spedition i Nybro




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